The Trinity Debate (2016-2017): A Selected Bibliography

The-Holy-Trinity-in-Stained-GlassThe 2016-2017 Trinity debate over the eternal submission of the Son was covered thoroughly by this blog, other blogs, Christianity Today, podcasts, a panel at ETS, and most certainly in every theological group text in evangelicalism. In an attempt to try and boil the debate down for those who want to read up, reflect, or reference the debate, I created a bibliography on all of the published material I could find based on a list I’ve been accruing since late 2016.

That bibliography was 42 pages. Forty-two. 42.

Frankly, many of those sources were unhelpful, repetitive, and/or broken links. So I decided to whittle it down to the bare essentials — posts that defined the debate or appeared to be shared extensively — and it became an 11-page bibliography. That’ll have to do.

Download the bibliography here.*

*A reader brought to my attention the monster list over at Books at a Glance. This list has been updated with additions from their list and a few others I originally did not include from my own notes.


8 thoughts on “The Trinity Debate (2016-2017): A Selected Bibliography

  1. Thanks for the work putting this together! Just a note that the posts of mine that are referenced in the bibliography are part of a larger series that wasn’t completely published until some time later. The links to the rest of the articles can be found here.

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  6. FYI: A final update (34th rev.) to the bibliography on Books at a Glance is on the way, and will include a link to your post and those of “Latinus Doctor” linked in the pingbacks above. All of Alistair Roberts’ were already included.

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