N.T. Wright on “How to Read the Bible”

Here is a short video on N.T. Wright explaining on how to read the Bible. Enjoy.

“How do I read the Bible? Frequently and thoroughly.”


2 thoughts on “N.T. Wright on “How to Read the Bible”

  1. Thanks for sharing. It is always refreshing to listen to wright speak about the scriptures. I particularly enjoyed the analogy with the symphony and being swept up in the entity of a book rather than being concerned with remembering all the details.

    • Matthew,

      I found the symphony analogy to be quite helpful as well. I also liked his description of reading small snippets of scripture being like trying to look at a landscape through a window as you stand across the room. Whereas reading in large chunks you look at that same landscape but now you are standing up against the window and able to see the entire landscape.

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