A New Contributor – Luke Stamps

I'm happy to say that my good friend Luke Stamps will be joining the blogging efforts here. Luke holds a Ph.D. in systematic theology from The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary and wrote a dissertation on dyothelitism under Dr. Stephen Wellum. Luke also teaches Christian Studies with me in OPS at Cal Baptist, is an avid … Continue reading A New Contributor – Luke Stamps


Michael Law’s Three Applications for becoming a Better Writer

Michael Law has posted three helpful applications for becoming a better writer on his blog http://www.timothymichaellaw.com. His three applications are: read, write, and edit. These applications are not a how-to for writing better, rather they are the practice of becoming a better writer. Some advice given to academics he writes, "If you’re an academic read at least … Continue reading Michael Law’s Three Applications for becoming a Better Writer

A Short Yearly Review

This past Thursday I submitted my masters dissertation Topicalization and Focalization: The Function of Preverbal Word Order in Amos 3-6. Now that I have officially finished with the masters degree I have been trying to reflect on some of the broader things that I'll take away from this year of study. The two things that stuck … Continue reading A Short Yearly Review

The Intersection of Long Walks and Deep Thinking

Bruce Ashford, Provost of Southeastern Seminary, has a nice post on the benefits of long walks and deep thinking. Living in Scotland means you walk everywhere. I for one can testify to the connection between these activities. Here is Bruce's concluding paragraph: I’ll limit myself to one concluding reflection. Our 21st century urban context pushes us … Continue reading The Intersection of Long Walks and Deep Thinking

First Post from Edinburgh

Greetings from Edinburgh. I landed on Tuesday after around 18 hours of travel. It was a bit shocking to finally arrive but I am excited to be here. Within a few short days, I can see why so many Edinburgh alums were sad when their programs ended and had to leave. It is such a … Continue reading First Post from Edinburgh

Welcoming me to the Neighborhood

To begin, I am very excited to be blogging with my friend Matt. Matt had the unfortunate opportunity of meeting me while we were both students at Southeastern Seminary. So, I am honored (and a bit perplexed) that he would want to have his name associated with mine. I will spend my first post telling … Continue reading Welcoming me to the Neighborhood