Welcoming me to the Neighborhood

To begin, I am very excited to be blogging with my friend Matt. Matt had the unfortunate opportunity of meeting me while we were both students at Southeastern Seminary. So, I am honored (and a bit perplexed) that he would want to have his name associated with mine.

I will spend my first post telling you about myself personally and what some of my goals are with Secundum Scripturas. First, I married my lovely wife Aubree in 2006 and have called Raleigh, North Carolina home since that time. In August, Aubree and I journey to the Old World to study for an MTh (Scot speak for Masters in Theology) in Biblical Studies at New College, University of Edinburgh, Scotland. Prior to coming to North Carolina I lived in a parallel universe known as Branson, Missouri (Country Music Shows, Hillbilly Comedy) where I completed a B.S. in Physical Education in 2006. After my time in Branson, Aubree and I then moved to Wake Forest, North Carolina where I completed a Masters of Arts in Christian Theology in 2011. In August, we set sail (actually flying) for Edinburgh to join the long line of tradition at New College.

What I hope to bring to Secundum Scripturas is a mirror to what Matt has already started. My main interest is interpreting the Old Testament theologically. I try and do this from a number of perspectives: detailed Biblical Studies research, Hebrew Discourse Analysis, Hermeneutics, Reception History, Philosophy, and Christian Theology. I have an interest in each of these areas and more but I’ll stop here. I am interested in how these fields intersect and hope that my posts will reflect this.

Along with posting on my research interests I will also devote some writing to moving, living, and studying in the UK.  I have benefitted from a couple of blogs as my wife and I begin the process to our move to Edinburgh. I hope that this blog can contribute and build on these other blogs and serve to give its readers a bit of insight into the process of making the move, living, and studying in the UK. Having been accepted to New College, these posts will be from a particularly Scottish perpective. I also hope this blog provides opportunity to meet new people, stay connected, and interact with my many friends and acquaintances that I have been blessed with these last few years from the Wake Forest area and abroad.



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