New Book on Reformed Catholicity

Since we’re pretty interested in retrieving a sort of Baptist Catholicity around here, I took notice when I saw this forthcoming book by Michael Allen and Scott Swain: Reformed Catholicity: The Promise of Retrieval for Theology and Biblical Interpretation.  It’s due out in January 2015.  Here is the publisher’s summary and the table of contents:


Can Christians and churches be both catholic and Reformed? In this volume, two accomplished young theologians argue that to be Reformed means to go deeper into true catholicity rather than away from it. Their manifesto for a catholic and Reformed approach to dogmatics seeks theological renewal through retrieval of the rich resources of the historic Christian tradition. The book provides a survey of recent approaches toward theological retrieval and offers a renewed exploration of the doctrine of sola scriptura. It includes a substantive afterword by J. Todd Billings.

Introduction: Renewal through Retrieval
1. Learning Theology in the School of Christ: The Principles of Theology and the Promise of Retrieval
2. Retrieving Sola Scriptura, Part One: The Catholic Context of Sola Scriptura
3. Retrieving Sola Scriptura, Part Two: Biblical Traditioning
4. A Ruled Reading Reformed: The Role of the Church’s Confession in Biblical Interpretation
5. In Defense of Proof Texting
Afterword: Rediscovering the Catholic-Reformed Tradition for Today: A Biblical Christ-Centered Vision for Church Renewal by J. Todd Billings

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  1. I would also add another outstanding book coming out next month is “Contesting Catholicity: Theology for Other Baptists” by Curtis Freeman (Baylor University Press, September 2014)

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