Leaving Raleigh

I’ve been a bit slow on blogging lately because of the upcoming move to Edinburgh. It was troublesome to make time to actually preparing for school let alone blogging to the three of you who read this. The month of July was busy. Filled with home repairs, Craig’s List, and donations and on 2 August with renters moved in, Aubree and I officially left Raleigh.

It was definitely bitter sweet. We are both extremely excited about moving to Scotland and the numerous adventures that will include. But I think it hit us both that we are saying good-bye to our home. Aubree and I were married in Kansas City, then lived in Branson, MO for the first 3 months before moving to North Carolina. For us, Raleigh was our home–it was what we knew and those in our community knew us. We were saying good-bye to the community that the Lord had blessed us with for nearly 5 years. We both came to the realisation (I’ve started writing in Queen’s English to get prepared) that if we would not have been blessed by great community it would not have been as hard to say good-bye.

So we drove from Raleigh back to Missouri and Arkansas to visit our families. We have been nomads these last few weeks but are thankful for the time we have spent with our families. It is the most concentrated time either of us have had with our families since we left. Now, time is being devoted to last minute items before ground control to Major Tom–photocopies of passports, plane tickets, matriculation forms, Greek, and Hebrew. Three days and counting to my new home, the Old Country.

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  1. Surely at least four people read this. Do not sell yourself short, haha. Let us know when you are there and settled. Post some pictures online somewhere.

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