Choosing a Divinity School in the UK

Matt has prompted me to try and answer a question a student of his had on how to choose a divinity school in the UK. There are many factors that one should consider; here are some that come to mind. Masters or PhD? I knew when I came to the UK that I wanted to … Continue reading Choosing a Divinity School in the UK


Visa Applications

The following post is about visa application for a U.S. citizen moving to the UK on a Tier 4 student visa. Regulations are always changing and the process may change when you start your visa application. I write this as general advice. The visa application process begins 90 days before your program begins. The 90 … Continue reading Visa Applications

First Post from Edinburgh

Greetings from Edinburgh. I landed on Tuesday after around 18 hours of travel. It was a bit shocking to finally arrive but I am excited to be here. Within a few short days, I can see why so many Edinburgh alums were sad when their programs ended and had to leave. It is such a … Continue reading First Post from Edinburgh

Leaving Raleigh

I've been a bit slow on blogging lately because of the upcoming move to Edinburgh. It was troublesome to make time to actually preparing for school let alone blogging to the three of you who read this. The month of July was busy. Filled with home repairs, Craig's List, and donations and on 2 August … Continue reading Leaving Raleigh

Visa approved

I am very excited to announce that my visa application was approved. I received the email yesterday from the UK Border Agency. Once I had sent in the application, it took around 6 days to hear back on its status. Although the¬†directions for completing the visa from A-Z¬†could be much clearer I am happy about … Continue reading Visa approved

Finding a flat in the UK

As my wife's and my time in the U.S. continues tick down, I find myself searching for flats in Edinburgh more often. Although still a bit soon to be doing any real type of search for a new home, I find it helpful to see what kinds of options will be available to us. The … Continue reading Finding a flat in the UK

Cultural Blunder Numero Uno

This is a previous post from another blog but I thought would share it as a part of the details of my family and I moving to Edinburgh. Several months ago I began the application process for New College. Completing an application at New College is extremely easy because with the online account, you just … Continue reading Cultural Blunder Numero Uno