Bleak. Gray. Death.

Winter. Discontent. Depravity.

Who will save us from this culture of death?

Gun laws? Gun bans? Mental hospitals?

More guns? Lots of guns? Armed teachers?

“Get rid of the video games and the hunters!”


“Arm us to the teeth and let’s all be soldiers.”

“Give us guns, give us war,

give us a license to kill.”


“Take the guns, take the electric chair.

but still, give us a morning after pill,

give us abortion on demand,

give us the right to kill.”

Bleak. Gray. Death.

Winter. Discontent. Depravity.

Legislate and moralize, disinfect and sanitize.

Liberate us from tyranny, give us guns and and we’ll be free.

None of these will change our morbid hearts.

Thanks be to Christ our Lord

Who can free us from this body, this culture, of death

through his life giving Spirit.

Winter turns to summer.

Bleakness turns to blazing light.

Death turns to life.

Give us new hearts, O God.

Through Christ our Lord, Amen.

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