CBU at ETS and SBL

The annual meetings of the Evangelical Theological Society, Evangelical Philosophical Society, and Society of Biblical Literature will commence in a little over two weeks. Here’s a list of professors of California Baptist University who are presenting, along with their paper titles and session:

Evangelical Theological Society

Wednesday AM
Anthony Chute (Professor of Church History; Associate Dean, School of Christian Ministries)

Moderator, Baptist Studies: Baptists and the Church


Greg Cochran (Associate Professor of Theology; Director of the Applied Theology Program)

Church History I

“The Priority of Ministry to the Persecuted Church: A Reorientation of the Paradigm for Biblical Justice”


Matthew Emerson (Assistant Professor of Christian Studies; Chair, Department of Arts & Sciences (OPS))


Luke Stamps (Assistant Professor of Christian Studies (OPS))

Baptist Studies: Baptists and the Church

“Baptists and the Catholicity of the Church”


John Gill (Assistant Professor of Christian Studies (OPS))

Ecclesiology: Theologians I

“Alexander Carson and the Church: An Ecclesiology shaped by Evangelical Concerns?”


Chris Morgan (Professor of Theology; Dean, School of Christian Ministries)

Baptist Studies: Baptists and the Church

“Baptists and the Unity of the Church”


Mark Rogers (Adjunct Professor of Christian Studies)

American Christianity: The History of Park Street Church
“Reclaiming Boston: Resurgent Edwardsianism and the Founding of Park Street Church”


Thursday AM

Matthew Barrett (Assistant Professor of Christian Studies (OPS))

Models of God: The Jealousy of God

“He Hardens Whomever He Wills: The Exodus, God’s Fame, and the Manifestation of God’s Jealousy
through Divine Sovereignty”


Thursday PM

Adam Co (Associate Professor of Theology)

Systematic Theology: General Studies 2

“Understanding the Doctrine of Union with Christ within the Kingship and Kingdom Motif of Scripture: Uniting Key Emphases in Paul and in Jesus Canonically”


Evangelical Philosophical Society

Wednesday AM

Scott Key (Professor of Philosophy)


“Toward an Epistemology of Value: Wisdom and Trust in Aristotle’s Ethics and the Gospel of Mark”


Society of Biblical Literature

Tuesday AM

Ash Melika (Associate Professor of Archaeology/Anthropology)

Egyptology and Ancient Israel
“The Founding of the Temple in Ancient Egypt and Israel”


Journal of Baptist Studies

For those of you familiar with baptiststudiesonline.com, you’ll remember that the Journal of Baptist Studies is a peer-reviewed, fully online journal that is published on the site. The journal has changed editing and operating hands since the previous issue was published in 2010, but today marks the beginning of the relaunch of JBS. Edited by myself and Tony Chute, Associate Dean of the School of Christian Ministries at CBU, JBS 5 is dedicated to the Baptist study of Titus. This issue features articles by Ray Van Neste (Union University), Jeff Straub (Central Baptist Theological Seminary), and Tony Chute (California Baptist University), as well as a selected Baptist bibliography on Titus by me and book reviews by Crawford Gribben (Queen’s University, Belfast), Jason Lee (Cedarville University), Walter Price (Fellowship of the Pass Church, Beaumont, CA), Rick Durst (Golden Gate Baptist Theological Seminary), and Peter Beck (Charleston Southern University). The table of contents is reproduced below:


VOLUME 5 (2013)

Editorial, p. 1

Contributors, p. 3


“Baptists, Pastors, and Titus 1: A History of Interpretation,” by Ray Van Neste, p. 4

“The Legality of Slavery in the Sight of God: Baptists and Their Use of Titus 2 to Defend Slavery,” by Jeff Straub, p. 36

“Reception History of Titus 3 in Baptist Life,” by Anthony Chute, p. 64

“Selected Baptist Bibliography on Titus,” by Matthew Y. Emerson, p. 91

Book Reviews

Bebbington, David W. Baptists Through the Centuries: A History of a Global People, reviewed by Crawford Gribben, p. 97

George, Timothy. Reading Scripture with the Reformers, reviewed by Jason K. Lee, p. 101

Iorg, Jeff. The Case for Antioch: A Biblical Model for a Transformational Church, reviewed by Walter Price, p. 105

Liederbach, Mark and Seth Bible, True North: Christ, the Gospel, and Creation Care, reviewed by Rick Durst, p. 109

Leonard, Bill J. The Challenge of Being Baptist: Owning a Scandalous Past and an Uncertain Future, reviewed by Peter Beck, p. 112

Our hope is to publish two issues of the journal each year, one in the fall and one in the spring. If you are interested in submitting an essay on Baptist history, theology, or practice, please feel free to contact Tony Chute at achute at calbaptist dot edu.

You can find out more about the journal by visiting the website.

In addition to the journal, baptiststudiesonline.com contains a myriad of Baptist resources, from confessions and creeds to sermons to important position papers. I’d encourage you to take full use of the site, both for the journal and for this valuable compilation of documents.

We also hope to add PhD dissertation abstracts from the six SBC seminaries in the near future.

I’m grateful to Nathan Finn and Keith Harper at SEBTS for their previous operation of the site; their hard work in compiling Baptist resources is what makes baptiststudiesonline.com continually valuable. I’m also thankful for their dedication to the journal in its previous iteration, and for entrusting it to Tony and me for the future. We look forward to continuing its propagation of Baptist history and scholarship.

Shameless Plug

Yes, I’m using my blog for promoting where I teach. Sue me.

For those who haven’t read my “About” page (so, everyone), I am Assistant Professor of Christian Studies at CBU, but I’m also the Lead Faculty for Christian Ministries in the Online and Professional Studies Division. This means that I head up the Christian Studies program on the OPS side of the school, managing everything from curriculum revision to scheduling.

Our traditional Christian Studies program is phenomenal. Chris Morgan, the Dean of the School of Christian Ministries on main campus, is an outstanding leader and scholar and the faculty are top notch. I couldn’t recommend that program more highly for those who are seeking a traditional, four year, day time program.

But for working adults who need to take classes at night or online, we have a top notch Christian Ministries program in OPS as well. Our curriculum is balanced between Bible (4 courses), theology (3 courses), history (2 courses), philosophy (2 courses), and practical ministry (4 courses). Our faculty is outstanding – we’ve got a good mix of scholarship and practical experience here, something that is invaluable in a Christian Ministries degree. Each course is 8 weeks long, so you can finish the major in 16 months if you take two courses per 8 week session. And our courses are rigorous – we expect the best from our students. Further, our courses are balanced between reading the best books, writing for analysis and synthesis, and applying knowledge.

Right now for fall we have 2 courses available fully only (Baptist History in the first session, New Testament II in the second), but beginning in the Spring we’ll have the entire curriculum available online.

So, if you or someone you know is interested in pursuing a Bachelor of Arts in Christian Ministries and can’t do so in a traditional day time program, I don’t think there’s any better place to come or to send someone than here.

But I’m biased.

For more information, you can check out the website here.