Baptist Catholicity Paper at ETS

At this year’s ETS meeting the Baptist Studies session group has decided to focus on the four marks of the church articulated in the Nicene Creed – one, holy, catholic, and apostolic. Luke Stamps and I are grateful to the session’s organizers to have the opportunity to present on “Baptists and the Catholicity of the Church.” This couldn’t have come at a better time, given my and Luke’s desire to write and blog about this subject more in the coming months. Our abstract reads:

In recent years, several prominent Baptists in the United Kingdom as well as a cadre of moderate Baptists in the United States have been engaged in an ongoing project to re-envision Baptist identity within the context of the broader Christian tradition. But to date, these movements towards “Baptist Catholicity” have been relatively unengaged by evangelical Baptists in North America. This paper seeks to fill this lacuna by exploring some ways in which conservative, evangelical Baptists might better situate Baptist faith and practice within the historic Christian tradition. After an examination of the biblical material concerning the universal church and a brief historical survey of Baptist engagement with the church’s catholicity, the paper will suggest some ways in which contemporary Baptists might more consciously and critically engage with the broader catholic tradition, including its creedal identity, liturgical forms, sacramental theology, and spiritual practices.

And here’s the full schedule for the session:

8:30 AM—9:10 AM
Matthew Emerson
Luke Stamps
California Baptist University
Baptists and the Catholicity of the Church

9:20 AM—10:00 AM
Michael Haykin
The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary
Baptists and the Holiness of the Church

10:10 AM—10:50 AM
Chris Morgan
California Baptist University
Baptists and the Unity of the Church

11:00 AM—11:40 AM
James Patterson
Union University
Baptists and the Apostolicity of the Church

9 thoughts on “Baptist Catholicity Paper at ETS

  1. Luke,
    I would love to get a hold of your paper “Baptists and the Catholicity of the church.” I loved Steven Harmon’s book and he’s supposed to be working on another book on the same topic. I just finished Jeffrey Cary’s engaging book “Free Churches and the Body of Christ.” If you can send it to me after the ETS conference, that would be wonderful.

    My email is:

      • Matt you think I can read your papers as well? I’m glad that I’m not the only Baptist who feels that the Baptist need to recover traditions of the early church such as liturgy.
        As reformed Baptist (1689) I have no issue with tradition. This excites me. Will there be audio links to here the conference?

      • Hi Gregory,

        I believe ETS is putting audio recordings of the sessions up, and we also hope to publish the paper in upcoming volume of the Journal of Baptist Studies.

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  5. Hey there, I tried looking for the audio but had no luck finding them. If there’s a link that you know can you share it here?

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