CPT’s Top 60 Evangelical Theologians

Over at the Center for Pastoral Theologians site (which I highly recommend), they’ve compiled a list of the top 60 evangelical theologians over the last half century. The list came from reader votes, and so doesn’t necessarily reflect the opinions or the site’s authors. Additionally, the names are listed alphabetically, not by influence or priority. As some have already observed, there is a distinct male, Anglo tint to the names. One might also quibble with the “evangelical” moniker for a few of those mentioned. I’ve reproduced the list below.

Who would you add? Would you remove anyone?

  1. Bahnsen, Greg
  2. Beale, Greg
  3. Begbie, Jeremy
  4. Blocher, Henri
  5. Bruce, F. F.
  6. Carnell, Edward
  7. Carson, Don
  8. Fee, Gordon
  9. Frame, John
  10. George, Timothy
  11. Goodacre, Marc
  12. Grenz, Stanley
  13. Grudem, Wayne
  14. Gunton, Colin
  15. Hays, Richard
  16. Henry, Carl
  17. Horton, Michael
  18. Keller, Timothy
  19. Ladd, George
  20. Leithart, Peter
  21. MacArthur, John
  22. Marsden, George
  23. Marshall, I. Howard
  24. McCormack, Bruce
  25. McGrath, Alister
  26. McKnight, Scot
  27. Mohler, Al
  28. Montgomery, John Warwick
  29. Moo, Doug
  30. Morris, Leon
  31. Mouw, Richard
  32. Murphy, Nancy
  33. Nicole, Roger
  34. Noll, Mark
  35. Ockenga, Harold
  36. Packer, J. I.
  37. Padilla, Rene
  38. Peterson, Eugene
  39. Piper, John
  40. Plantinga, Alvin
  41. Poythress, Vern
  42. Ryken, Phil
  43. Ryrie, Charles
  44. Sanders, Fred
  45. Schaeffer, Francis
  46. Sider, Ron
  47. Smith, Jamie
  48. Sproul, R. C.
  49. Stott, John
  50. Trueman, Carl
  51. Van Til, Cornelius
  52. Vanhoozer, Kevin
  53. Walvoord, John
  54. Wells, David
  55. Willard, Dallas
  56. Wilson, Doug
  57. Witherington, Ben
  58. Wolterstorff, Nicholas
  59. Wright, Tom
  60. Zacharias, Ravi

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  1. Reblogged this on CWoznicki Think Out Loud and commented:
    Matt Emerson has drawn my attention to this informal poll taken over at “The Center for Pastoral Theologians.” What do you think about this list? Are there any important names missing? (I would add John Webster, T. F. Torrance, and Oliver Crisp.) Are there any names on this list that should be there? I would love to hear what you think!

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