Pastoral Psychology Article Accepted

I received exciting news this afternoon that an article I co-authored with my colleague Dr. Joshua Knabb has been accepted in Pastoral Psychology. Josh occupies the office next to me, and, when not banging on my wall to turn the music down, is Assistant Professor of Psychology and the Director of the Master of Science in Counseling Psychology for OPS. The article, “‘I Will Be Your God and You Will Be My People’: Attachment Theory and the Grand Biblical Narrative” explores the relationship between attachment theory and the metanarrative of Scripture. This one was definitely interesting to write, since I hadn’t attempted a cross-disciplinary essay before.

Here’s the abstract:

In this article, we apply the grand biblical narrative to attachment theory. Utilizing four key features of attachment theory—secure base, exploration, attachment behaviors, and safe haven—we attempt to integrate the empirical base of attachment theory with the biblical storyline of creation, fall, redemption, and new creation. By focusing on the relationship between God and humankind found within the Old and New Testaments, we seek to expand the theological underpinnings of the attachment to God literature, and conclude by offering suggestions for therapists and pastoral counselors working with Christians exhibiting disordered attachment patterns.

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