New Year’s Resolutions

Well it’s 2012, and apparently the Mayans want us all dead. Since it’s our last 350 odd days on earth, here are my resolutions:

  1. Develop a consistent family worship time.
  2. Memorize Philippians and Ephesians.
  3. Read through the Pentateuch in Hebrew and the Gospels in Greek (stole this from my bro-in-law…he said “read through the Hebrew Bible…he crazy…).
  4. Write 5 book reviews and 3 articles.
  5. Blog once a week.
  6. Eat less fried stuff and fast food, drink more water.
  7. Be more Kingdom conscious in my spending.
  8. And last but obviously most importantly, love my wife, children, and God more than I did last year.

The first four are quantitative, and thus I can measure my progress. They’re also, though, the easier of the four to accomplish because of that. I hope, though, that they will help me with the all important #8.

#5 gives me a target for this site, although I doubt I will live up to it. I’m going to try and plan ahead for this year…

#s 6 and 7 are in there just because I’ve gained probably 15 pounds since Turkey Day and I splurge too much on books and such.

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