It’s in There Somewhere

This CNN article has been posted and re-posted frequently yesterday and today, so I thought I might as well, too.

It details how many Americans quote popular phrases as if they’re found in Scripture when they’re actually not there at all.

I’m actually quite fond of one of them – one of my granddad’s favorite sayings was “This too shall pass.” Of course, another one was “He who never tooteth his own horn shall not have his horn tooteth”…

The most damaging pseudo-biblical phrase in the article is, in my opinion, “God helps those who help themselves.” This is a popular one in American culture because of our pervading capitalistic self-help ethos, but it is absolutely contrary to theology and anthropology. The sad part is that it’s quoted as “gospel” not only by those outside the church but inside as well.

I tried to think of a few phrases that the article does not mention, but none came to mind. Can you think of any others that the article left out?