The Silliness of (Some) Source Criticism

My current course load includes one class on the Former Prophets, and this week we've dealt with the critical theories about these books' composition. Of course for Joshua-Kings the prevailing scholarly consensus is the "Deuteronomistic (or Deuteronomic) History," most famously postulated¬† by Martin Noth but having undergone many subsequent revisions. For Noth and most OT … Continue reading The Silliness of (Some) Source Criticism


Gordon McConville on the Paradox of Deuteronomy

Lately much of my research has focused on the Solomon narrative in 1 Kings 1-11. With this it is impossible to escape the voluminous amount of secondary literature that has been written on the Deuteronomistic History where the narrative is embedded.¬†While researching various theories on the DH and the theology of Deuteronomy in general I … Continue reading Gordon McConville on the Paradox of Deuteronomy