John Sailhamer: In Memoriam

I learned on Twitter earlier that John Sailhamer has passed away.  Due to his failing health over the last decade, his last major project - The Meaning of the Pentateuch - was published way back in 2009. In our consumer-driven, what-have-you-done-for-me-lately American culture, that may as well have been a century ago. But Sailhamer's influence … Continue reading John Sailhamer: In Memoriam


Who Is My Neighbor?

Yesterday a comment on the Internet[1] sparked some reflection about the nature of neighbor-hood and the people who inhabit the Middle East. The comment in question seemed to conflate America, and particularly its Christian inhabitants, with an idealized version of Israel on the one hand, and Middle Eastern peoples, particularly devout Muslims, with Israel’s OT … Continue reading Who Is My Neighbor?

Aquinas Takes Science to School

Aquinas asks in Question I of the First Part of the Summa Theologica, "Whether Sacred Doctrine is Nobler Than Other Sciences?" In his first objection he notes that the other sciences (e.g., in modern terms, the hard sciences) "seem to be more certain than sacred doctrine." This is because faith, the principle of theology, can … Continue reading Aquinas Takes Science to School

Cultural Liturgies and Scriptural Imagination

As I continue to work through Barry Harvey's Can These Bones Live?, I'm consistently reminded of Jamie Smith's "Cultural Liturgies" project. Both Harvey and Smith argue that the church's worship practices are formative for her people, both in their growth in Christ-likeness and in their witness to and mission in the world. The liturgical life … Continue reading Cultural Liturgies and Scriptural Imagination

Jesus Juking and the Super Bowl

I've seen a lot of tweets / posts today to the effect of "Christian, don't get more excited about the Super Bowl tomorrow than you are about worshiping Jesus with the body of Christ." On one level, I get this, and I think those who are saying it mean well. There is a legitimate danger … Continue reading Jesus Juking and the Super Bowl

Q&A with biblioblogger and FSU fan Chad Chambers about National Championship Game and Theology

Chad Chambers and I decided to celebrate the National Championship Game between Florida State and Auburn University (of which we are fans respectively) by answering a few questions about the game itself and the connections between football and theology. You can find my answers to his questions on his blog - Cataclysmic.1. Given FSU's recent … Continue reading Q&A with biblioblogger and FSU fan Chad Chambers about National Championship Game and Theology

Scripture and Science

The relationship between science and Scripture is a hot topic today. I am of the opinion that, too often, Scripture is asked to accommodate to the positivist rationalistic assumptions and conclusions of modern scientific inquiry. Here are Vos' insightful words on the subject: "At present many writers take exception to [death entering the world through … Continue reading Scripture and Science

Scholarship and Christian Charity

Yesterday I was reminded again by a good brother of how important it is to speak with love and humility towards those with whom we disagree. This has me thinking today about Christians and scholarly engagement with one another's differing theological stances. Of course, I'm also reminded of this because of the continuing debate about … Continue reading Scholarship and Christian Charity

Worship “Bands”

I could not be more appreciative of this post by Justin Taylor on the difference between congregational singing and a worship concert. I have long been troubled by the celebrity status of many of the most influential pastors in modern evangelicalism, and our treatment of their churches' worship leaders as rock bands only exacerbates the … Continue reading Worship “Bands”